Emmanuel Enid is a Friendly and Welcoming community of people.

Emmanuel Enid BuildingWe are in no way perfect, but we are all committed to growing in God's grace together. If you are a first-time visitor here, we would invite you to check out our Visitor's Center, which we have set up to be a collection of the information that you are most interested to discover.

The Mission Statement of Emmanuel is “Loving God, Strengthening People”, and everything we do revolves around that mission. We exist for the purpose of equipping believers to worship in truth, walk in holiness, and bear witness of Christ’s love in order to glorify God and derive joy from Him. To learn even more, see our Beliefs.

We offer a variety of Community Groups, along with other Small Groups, Classes, and Ministries to meet YOU where you are in life. These are offered at multiple times, in multiple locations, virtually every day of the week. Because of our commitment to the individual, we believe small groups are integral in providing a more intimate opportunity to develop personal relationships.

We currently have THREE Sunday Morning Worship Services that minister and appeal to a broad range of ages and interests. All services are built around the same grace-filled, truth-filled, Bible teaching message with the worship style varying. We encourage you to try one or more of our services to find the one that is the best fit for you.