The Mission Statement of Emmanuel Enid is Loving God, Strengthening People.
Everything we do revolves around that mission.

We Value

People: A church is not a building, but people—people who have come to faith in Jesus Christ and gather together for corporate worship, encouragement, teaching and ministry. Emmanuel Enid does not exist for her staff or programs but for people—people of faith and those not yet of the family of faith.

Purpose: Jesus commanded His followers to go to all the world to make disciples and to baptize them. Emmanuel Enid is made up of followers of Jesus Christ; therefore, the Great Commission remains one of our central purposes, as does worship and ministry to those in need.

Freedom: Christ came to set the captives free, to fulfill the Old Testament law and to institute the law of love. At Emmanuel Enid we encourage people to enjoy the freedom they have in Christ Jesus, tempered with the law of love. Where Scripture speaks, we will speak; where Scripture is silent, we will be silent.

Truth: All truth is ultimately God's truth and reflects His dominion over all the created world. At Emmanuel Enid we believe that God has specifically revealed the truth about Himself in Scripture. We hold the Bible to be true, worthy of study and, indeed, central to our understanding of all we hold dear.

Worship: Worship is the ultimate end of the Christian faith—people come to faith in God through Jesus Christ so that they might encounter God and worship Him. At Emmanuel Enid we seek to "worship in spirit and truth" so that people might derive joy in Him.